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This amplifier and speaker dock by Greenhouse Japan looks suspiciously like a Bose SoundDock for the Shuffle. Oh sure, it comes in black and white and can be connected via USB as a power source, but Greenhouse can't fool us; the shape and style is just way too reminiscent of the Bose. I guess someone at Greenhouse thought that it was unfair for the Shuffle's older siblings to get all that SoundDock love, and decided to give the Shuffle a shot at something that looks the same, but isn't really. Regardless, the speaker also connects via a headphone jack, so you could use this for other players as well. Pumps out about 12 watts, and weighs about 890 grams. Price is unknown, though we think this is Japan-only.

Greenhouse Amplifier and Speaker for Ipod Shuffle [NewLaunches]