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I don't know how much more I can take after the Toshiba Gigabeat, but Philips has tossed two new HDD jukeboxes into the ring, and I can only hope the interface is a bit easier to figure out that some of its predecessors. The HDD1630 ($199), with 6GB of storage and the HDD6330 ($299), with a 30GB are both compatible with MP3, WMV and JPEG files and sport the ubiquitous Playsforsure logo. To be honest, I still have absolutely interest in showing anyone my photos on one of these things, but I've certainly seen it done. It tends to be a lot of shots of dogs, pets in general and babies. Whatever.

I do like the built-in FM tuner. Nice to get back to our radio roots. And the voice recorder function can be useful—at least for us journo types. Both come with "protective, splash-proof 'Control Cases'."