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UberGizmo has the scoop on two new Navman GPS devices; the iCN320 and iCN550. They'll be released in Europe in about two weeks, and the Europe-centric map on an included MMC card is reflective of that (if and when these make it to the US, we'll assume that they'll be replaced with US maps). Features are pretty sub-standard, with regular LCD screens, only about a 2-hour battery life, and no USB ports.

The iCN550 is the higher end version, and its additional features show why: optional real-time traffic management system (very handy for maneuvering in busy city streets), touch screen, SD/MMC slot, headset plug, and integrated 4GB hard drive with complete maps of EU countries.

No word on pricing or availability.

Launch: Navman iCN320 and iCN550 [UberGizmo]