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Awesome news for those stateside who are fidgeting to get their hands on the Nokia 770 "coffee table" PC; the FCC just gave the go-ahead for the Nokia to go into production here. Here's a brief review of the specs on this thing: the Nokia 770 is sort of like a toned-down tablet PC, made specifically for Internet usage. It runs on Linux, has Bluetooth and WiFi, and is a full-fledged 64MB TI 1710 OMAP ARM mini-PC. The 770 would be perfect as a coffee-table type appliance for quick Internet browsing while you're watching TV, or if you prefer, while you're on the toilet. And, just for everyone keeping score at home, it already plays Doom.

Quite an exciting departure for Nokia, and we're interested to see if this will catch on with the mass market.

Nokia 770 Internet Appliance

Nokia 770 Receives FCC Approval [Mobile Scraper]