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Samsung is spitting these products out all over the place lately; I'm almost bleary-eyed from all the Samsung goodness. Their latest cellphone offerings are the SPH-A560 and PM-A840/SPH-A840, which will both be offered by Sprint. The SPH-A560 is the lower-end of the two, and is a pretty basic phone with 65k color display, text messaging capabilities, and a speakerphone. The PM-A840/SPH-A840 has much the same features except that it also has a monochrome external display and a VGA camera.

The Samsung SPH-A560 is a steal at only $9.99 after a $160 instant savings and a 2-year contract. The PM-A840/SPH-A840 isn't too shabby either at $60 after a $170 instant savings and the same 2-year contract.


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