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If you're a T-Mobile customer with an EDGE-capable device, you may have already experienced the strange sensation of speed IMing over the past few days. T-Mobile has finally launched EDGE services (that's the super-speedy upgrade to GPRS) across 90% of its GPRS-enabled network, and is currently not charging anything extra for it. That's right, if you already have an existing T-Mobile data plan, and you have an EDGE-enabled device, you'll just keep on paying the same rate you always have. But before you go scrambling to sign that additional year's contract, note that T-Mobile has said they will begin looking at EDGE-specific pricing in the future, which may or may not raise the pricing on higher speed services. Let's hope not though, because what with Cingular's EDGE and Verizon's EV-DO already in full-swing, they had better come up with a good pricing deal in order to stay competitive.

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