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This 4-inch x 3-inch analog amplifier, with 1 watt per channel, is intended for studio use or "with small sound sources such as iPods, mini-disc/cd players and laptops." Perfect for when you want to get that good old tube amp sound out of the Fraunhofer compressed music stored inside your digital portable audio player. I tend to think the IMPAMP's appeal is as much about looking retro-chich by showcasing it on a desk or bookshelf (it even has glowing blue LEDs that pulse with the sound) as it is about the warm rich sound it will extract from an iPod. Reason enough for me! $545. Don't miss the videos.

Update: ZVEX founder Zachary Vex wrote to say that, "Persons in the US can order the iMPAMP delivered via FedEx for $525, and UK/European customers can get it delivered for $555." For more info visit this page.

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