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Not all MIT grads are making AIBO fat-busters and Jerk-O-Meters. Take the folks from Malleable Devices Inc., who created a nifty universal adapter known as the SynCH. This tri-tentacled gewgaw lets you sync and charge, or charge and charge, or just about any combination therein. One end plugs into the USB 2.0 port on a 'puter. The other has a 2.5mm power plug along with a female USB port. The universality comes with these bridge connectors called "mTips." These adapters have, say, a USB plug on one side and a Motorola charging input on the other. The tips can be placed on the power-only side, or on the USB side for data transfer as well. And there's a retractable zip-line in between the two ends. I know plenty of people who swear by the iGo. The SynCH looks like an excellent companion piece.

SynCh Universal Sync Charger [Product Page]

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