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Touted as "business card" cameras, these new Samsung MiniKet cameras are probably not slim enough to slip in your wallet, but definitely enough to avoid any pocket bulge. The VP-MS10, the VP-MS11, and the VP-MS11 are all pretty much the same: 5 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, digital image stabilizer, MP3 and voice recorder, video recording of VGA 640x480 res at 30fps, usage as a webcam (which I thought was weird), and the ability to charge via USB. The primary difference between the three models is built-in memory; the VP-MS10 has 64MB, the VP-MS11 has 128MB, and the VP-MS15 has 512MB. Because of that, Samsung is also hyping them as portable hard drives, which is helped by the addition of miniSD card slots.

They will be launched initially in Korea in October, and in Europe in November. Approximate retail prices for the three are 320 Euro, 360 Euro, and 399 Euro respectively. Not sure if these will be making their way stateside.


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