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Weighing-in at 3.7 pounds and setting you back about $1,800, the newly announced Sharp M 4000 WideNote notebook is supposed to be as bright and clear as any desktop PC. It's got an Intel Pentium M Processor 740 with 1.73 GHz and 2MB of Level 2 Cache. But forget all that, I love that it's got a 13.3-inch widescreen LCD and 6 hours of battery life with a built-in optical drive. Can I say that again? 6 hours. Perfect for that trans-Atlantic flight (almost). It also includes SD memory card support, PCMCIA slot and 2 USB 2.0 connections. Slap on those stereo speakers and annoy the hell out of the guy in the window seat.

Sharp Reveals M4000 WideNote with Advanced Power Management [Mobilemag]