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The leaves aren't even turning and it's already time to start talking about what we're going to see at this year's gadget gonzo-fest, CES 2006. First up is the crazy quick-sounding 6.8Ghz laptop by Atom Chip Corporation. With a solid-state drive replacing the traditional hard disk, it should be able to blow other competitors away—but nobody can really tell without proper benchmarking. It should "demonstrate how Quantum and Quantum-optical devices could operate in consumer electronics." Anything with the word QUANTUM in it sounds good to me.

UPDATE: Okay, so this is faker than an Iraqi WMD. (It's April Fool's Day somewhere in the world...) Thanks to those who set us straight. To the rest of you who are still laughing, well, phooey!

6.8Ghz laptop with one TeraByte of non-volatile RAM [Ubergizmo]