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I like a good soak in the tub every once in awhile, but I usually don't hang out more than a few minutes 'cause I don't quite like that icky wrinkly thing it does to my toes. If I had one of these new waterproof DVD players by Casio, however, I would probably risk severe wrinkling and stick through an entire two-hour movie (or maybe a couple episodes of The Simpsons). Designed to be used in the bathroom, the DV-900W and DV-700W are 9-inch and 7-inch respectively, with a resolution of 480x324. Each has stereo speakers, a Dolby digital decorder, and an analog TV tuner for those who would rather catch the local news while in the embrace of soapy bubbles. You can also play a variety of discs on the thing, like DVD movies, recorded DVD R/RW, CD-R/W, in MP3/WMA and JPEG formats. The remote control, of course, is waterproof as well. The lithium-ion battery only lasts about 3 hours and 15 minutes though, which means you probably shouldn't try to watch the entire LOTR trilogy on it โ€” which you probably shouldn't anyway, unless you want to look like a giant shriveled prune.

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