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The dream of mass-produced hydrogen-powered cars is still far away, but the folks at United Nuclear are not waiting on the future. For around $8,000, their Hydrogen Generator transforms your polluting lemon into a clean, environmentally friendly, hydrogen burner. Now you can sneer at hybrid loyalists and forgo the waiting time for hydrogen vehicles at your local dealer. This device comes in two parts—an in-car Hydrogen fuel system and a Hydrogen generator for your garage powered by solar cells or the built in wind turbine. This might be an excellent way to help curb global warming in the city, but cross-country family vacations might be difficult.

Update: From the 'if it sounds too good to be true' dept.: It looks like that product is being marketed by United Nuclear. United Nuclear is UFO crackpot Bob Lazar s company: I d be wary of the claims he s making and the veracity/existence of this hydrogen car product.


Thanks Joe!