It's not really any carrier's fault, but because of a quick switch out in Orlando, my luggage is about two hours behind me. Once I get that, Appelbaum and I are going to try to head in to meet up with our third team member, as well as the folks setting up the low-power FM gear at the Astrodome.

I feel sort of sick to my stomach knowing how much desire from everyone to help and how little coordination there is in place to accept it. My only consolation is knowing that we are the people who should be setting that structure in place.

Good news, though, is that it sounds like Part-15 is getting a lot of corporate support and is starting to put together plans to deploy. My guess is a week or so before the big guns come rolling in to provide blanket coverage.


We have lots of offers of support from Gizmodo readers, and I appreciate that a lot. Right at this moment I've had to tell almost all of you to 'hold on,' but I'm expecting to be able to give you something specific to do or a place to send your donations soon. We even have a couple of trucks lined up for a trip into DirectNIC—if DirectNIC could confirm what they need.