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I am noticing a trend in digital cameras similar to that of razors. Don't get me wrong, my Gillette Mach 14 Enhanced Super Turbo Plus Exclamation Point razor gets the job done, with all 35 blades and seven moisturizing strips, but enough is enough. Two or three blades tops is all you really need in a razor. This Leaf Mamiya camera has an astonishing 22 megapixels. I am pretty sure a picture taken at 22 megapixels could be blown up to the size of a football field with little to no quality loss. Maybe I am not enough of a photog to really appreciate a camera of this overkill proportion. More specs on the Leaf Mamiya after the jump.

The Leaf Mamiya ProDigital II improves the workflow by letting you work more intuitively. For example, the 3.5 touch screen, which allows users to setup and adjust image settings, is where you create and name folders and files. The lighting-fast 1.2 f.p.s. capture rate is a perfect match for the completely new auto-focusing system.

Other improvements the Leaf Mamiya ProDigital II offers:

Faster focusing than the original ProDigital

User-selectable Selective Spot Focus or Wide Focus area modes

All critical exposure and shooting information including exposure and available image storage are now available in the viewfinder.

36 custom functions. Individual camera preferences such as 1/3, 1/2 or full aperture/shutter speed increments, flash synch speed, dial functions, exposure compensation increments, bracketing sequence, dial direction setting and much more are easily set and recalled in a snap.

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