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There I go again, judging a book by its cover. I see a name like Bluetooth router and I practically wet myself getting excited. Now while this gadget is cool, it isn t that cool. This is a Bluetooth cell/telephone router. A Bluetooth enabled cell phone links up to this device wirelessly and then the calls are routed to a landline phone plugged directly into the device. Once you leave the range of the device the Bluetooth connection is broken and calls return to going straight to the cell phone. Not the most elegant solution, but a useful workaround nevertheless. This router, the STAP-1000, is available through manufacturer Enustech for 49,000(KRW) or around 50 bones USD.

Update: Hey, everyone! I'm well aware of the $150 Phonelabs Dock-N-Talk. The STAP is obviously cheaper, and we like the homebrew quality. Anyone out there know how to DIY this contraption? If so, send us the specs and we'll publish them with due credit given.

Bluetooth router: Cellular calls at landline rates [Via Aving]