Joel Johnson — Not a lot to tell right now, unfortunately. Will Hawkins is still setting up machines at the Astrodome (although he's told me that he has been told to stay put while the President is marching around). I've got a cargo van reserved that we'll pick up tonight that we should be able to use for the next two weeks. As long as I can put $1,200 on a debit card—and the rental place said I could—we should be rolling out to points east tomorrow.

Update: My story about the low-power FM group is on Wired News now. (But there is still more to this post after the jump.)

AMD is possibly donating a bunch of their PIC computers to us, which is going to be really useful. We've had a ton of donations of switching and network gear, but very few laptop donations. They don't come with monitors, but we can probably scrounge those on the way. One piece at a time, right?

If you are in the Houston area and have equipment to donate, I am in the process of locating a drop off point. Jake and I are staying in the house of one of his friends' friend's, but I want to confirm with him that we can drop things off here before he comes home to a driveway full of piecemeal gear.

What you can help me with now if you are in Houston: Giving me some idea of where to secure auxiliary fuel cans (we need to bring in as much extra as we can) as well as the best place to buy a Treo (unlocked GSM, no contract preferably, although I'm not picky at this point). I didn't think a smartphone would be that useful here, but seeing people use them so much is starting to change my mind.

Thanks again to all the volunteers and people donating to our project. We've barely gotten started, but the real work is hopefully about to begin. We just need to get out of Houston—there is a ton of work to be done around the area, but there are a ton of people able to do it. We're starting to get requests from people closer to the disaster areas who have no communications or technical infrastructure at all. That's where we should be.


If you have something to give us in Houston, please feel free to call me. Otherwise, please direct donations and volunteer offers to the group.

P.S. iPod nano is hotttt. (I didn't want you to forget what site you were on.)