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What is the deal with all of these doofy internet viral campaigns? First there was ilovebees, then, and now this. The website is titled Origen (origin in Spanish) Xbox 360. At the time of the writing there was a picture of an odd green tree, with some green fruit and some odd green bunnies underneath. Behind this tree is a counter. What all of this means, who knows? The reason Microsoft and other companies do this is because they know those crazy obsessive geeks will search the entire internet (yes, all of it) finding hints at what this means.

Since the original launch of this website on August 20th, they have added the fruit to the tree and changed the placement of the green bunny. Also, the counter is counting down to September 27th for those too lazy to do the math.

Origen Xbox 360

The guys over at TeamXbox have saved us a lot of hassle and compiled quite few hints on what this Xbox marketing mess really means. What would the world do without obsessive fanboys?