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Okay, I'm obviously sleep-deprived at this point, because this actually looks pretty cool to me. The picture pretty much explains everything: you snap a 9-volt onto this LED attachment, and ta-dah, you have a flashlight. Yeah, okay, I guess it does look pretty chintzy, and the Pak-Lite "Patriot" and "Flasher" editions with the flashing color LEDs does seem kinda lame, but you have to admit the Pak-Lite is small and easy to carry around. The U.S. Air Force seems to think so as well, since they apparently use 'em. Which makes me think, has the military budget fallen so low that they can't afford proper flashlights?

Anyway, if you want one for yourself, they come in a variety of colors, with different color LEDs. The Pak-Lite Basic with the white LED costs $12.99, the color LEDs cost $25.99, and the Ultra-violet, Infra-red, "Patriot" and "Flasher" editions costs $29.99 each. And of course, they come with the 9-volt battery already included.

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