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Professional sports and gadgets are inextricably linked. From Nike and Philips' botched MP3 players, to PDA scouting software and the upcoming ESPN-branded cellphone that will feature one-button access to your favorite team's scores, there is just no avoiding a little girdiron in your microchip. Which is why Gizmodo is happy to announce the tee-off of Deadspin, the newest and most compulsively readable weblog in the Gawker Media fold. And, lest there be any question as to how Deadspin will set itself apart from the rest of the sports blogs out there, here is a useful snippet from the FAQ:

3. What makes you any different from ESPN or or any other sports site on the web?
Well, first off, unlike a lot of their columnists, we do not pee sitting down. (Except after drinking.) We also are not writing this site as some part of careerist synergy to support our screaming, unhinged appearances on Around the Horn, our wacky sitcom with the crazy but lovable neighbors or even our best-seller about imaginary spiritual conversations with our late nana. We are only trying to find and provide sports information on the web in a way that makes you forget, if just for the briefest of seconds, that you have to file that report/duplicate that invoice/fax that cover sheet/fluff that hairless dude.

I personally find it impossible to pee standing up while still scrolling through Yankees scores on a Blackberry. But I'm betting that editor Will Leitch and starting pitcher Rick Chandler have very good aim.