Joel Johnson — We've made it into Algiers, the 15th Ward of New Orleans, at the request of Malik Rahim. Malik stayed in Algiers after the hurricane and is working to establish community help stations to assist in getting the neighborhood back on its feet. Tomorrow we're going to visit the local community-run medical center to see what we can do there to help them get internet access.

EVDO coverage works fine—brilliantly, in fact—which made it painfully simple to bring this house online. The problem is, when we leave, I'll have to take my card with me. (It's been our connection too many times to go without it.) We're trying to get at least another card procurred with service that we can leave here. While we expect power to come back online in Algiers within the next couple of days, there's no way to know if the DSLAMs and other telco equipment will be operating in the neighborhood to provide DSL. For now, it appears that EVDO is the best option.

We've got those 10 AMD 50x15 machines that we can deploy, but we're still looking for monitors. (It's funny, because in my head I was thinking we could just go into a school or something and steal them, until I got into town and realized we're here to help people rebuild their community. I can be so retarded sometimes.)

I think we've finally got a good place to do some work. There's some question as to how many people are immediately in the Ward, but I know the people that are here say they haven't signed up with FEMA yet, so that'll be job one. Then, we have to get a hold of the laptops and monitors necessary to leave in a semi-permanent installation.

I'll keep you guys in the loop on what we're doing, tech-wise. Oh, and I should add: Algiers is not under mandatory evacuation.

Also, I forgot to thank Divya and [Name Not Written Down So I Forgot It Like a Douchebag] for the water donations last night. We are drinking it right now and will be able to chip in to Malik and Co.'s supply.