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Altec Lansing introduced several new iPod-related products at the Apple Expo recently, which include new speakers and earphones.

First is the inMotion iM5, which looks to be an update to the inMotion iM3. It's a compact speaker system that has four full-range micro drivers and an iPod docking station. It also has a composite video output jack, a subwoofer output connection, auxiliary input port, and comes with a carrying bag. Works with all dockable iPods (including the nano?), and runs off AC or batteries.

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Next are the inMotion earphones, the iM616 and the iM716. If you're thinking these remind you a lot of the Etymotic earbuds, you're not mistaken — they're based heavily on the ER-4 and ER-6 Etymotic buds. The white iM716 model supposedly offers a 90% sound accuracy rating in comparison with the ER-4, and featuers volume control, bass boost, and improved ease of insertion into the ear. The black iM616 purportedly has an 84% sound accuracy rating, and has a milder bass boost.

The inMotion iM5 will go for $149.99, and the inMotion iM616 and iM716 will cost around $149.99 and $199.99 respectively. All three products will be available later this month.


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