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I've just arrived at CTIA today, only to find that they won't be opening the exhibit hall to Press until 3 p.m. Which I'm a little miffed about, but at least it gives me the chance to post more Gizmodo goodies for y'all.

So I was at this pre-CTIA press reception yesterday, and I was wandering around the buffet tables filled with weird foods (like mashed potatoes with weird toppings like avocado. SO wrong), I stumbled upon Qualcomm's booth. They were pushing MediaFLO, their mobile media division, and were also showing off their Slingshot Concept phone. And despite myself, I was intrigued. The display on the phone was so crisp I forgot that the guy talking to me wasn't really hyping the phone. When he told me the phone wouldn't be commercially available, I was doubly bummed. As you probably already know, the Slingshot phone was made specificially to demo Qualcomm's mobile media setup, and is packed with a 2MP camera, enhanced stereo sound, and a QVGA display.


Despite that, I have to admit the quality of the programming was pretty good. He showed me some recorded CNN and ESPN shows, as well as a pretty comprehensive channel guide (he mentioned that the final version of the service will feature live streaming content rather tha pre-recorded stuff). He also mentioned coordinating content with service providers as well as cellphone manufacturers. Seeing as there were some basic cable channels on the list, it looks like the channel offerings may not be as lackluster as we once thought. He wouldn't let me know which companies they were dealing with, but he did hint that they would be rolling out the service some time next year. Here's a press photo of the Slingshot after the jump. - N. Lee

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Qualcomm Slingshot Concept Multimedia Phone
Qualcomm Mobile Multimedia