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Seems South Korea is getting lazy and wants to deploy robots to help teach children.

The Korean Advanced Intelligent Robot Association (KAIRA) will have 64 educational robots deployed by the end of 2005.


That's really soon and a bit creepy. They'll be helping children learn English and will correct mistakes and can read stories to the kiddies. Worst part is that they're testing these out not in schools, but in apartments littered around S. Korea. I can see it now: You're walking down your hall to the laundry room when all of a sudden this robot pops out, holds you down, and starts reciting "Hansel & Gretel" to you 50 times over until you accept Hansel & Gretel for who they truly are. If all goes well, they may start to be commercialized in 2006. Take a look at the NASA page for the awesome realistic drawings.

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