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I never really saw the sense in having a product that just played back media. It's a nice thought, but kinda crap if you ask me. So I like the idea of LGs LRM-519 media viewer that plays back your media, as well as records it. It's powered by Microsoft's Windows Media Center Extender platform and has a 160GB hard drive as well as dual USB 2.0 ports for extra storage if you need it. Throw in Ethernet and WiFi and you've got yourself a great addition to the home network. The Dual Layer DVD drive supports MP3 and WMA for audio playback and JPEG for image viewing. And in case you were wondering, that hard drive lets you record about 90 hours of video from cable, satellite or plain over-the-air signals. All for $600, though Microsoft has to be a dick and charge a $250 one-time fee for it's Program Guide service. You can also pay $10 a month if you prefer slow torture.

LG LRM-519 media mogul now out [InfoSync World]