Nothng like bringing a metaphor to life huh TiVo? Seems the company has decided to display its vim and vigor by staging an interesting event at the Oct 14 opening of NYC's Digital Life technology and entertainment show. Sort of featuring a "mock" funeral, TiVo is encouraging anyone who still may have an old VCR tape laying around to come on in and trade it in for a free TiVo box. Just toss that old episode of Quantum Leap in the VHS casket (which will include an old VCR with blinking 12:00) and you can walk away with a brand new DVR. And to make it even weirder, there will be a eulogy and speakers, sharing their personal memories of the VCR. Fascinating, no? Now remember folks, that's as supplies last, so get over there and start tossing your tapes! Starts at noon on Friday Oct. 14 at the Crystal Lobby of the Jacob Javits Center.

Tivo Commemorates 'Passing of the VCR' With Official Ceremony Marking End of VCR Era on Opening Day of Digital Life [PRNewswire - Reg]