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Okay, so Think Secret decided to be a wet blanket and report that apparently there will be no video iPod announcement next Wednesday. They say that instead, Apple will announce a new iPod with up to 80GB in capacity, and will be smaller than current iPods. Another possible iPod update would be additional colors to the lineup, based on the popular sales of the black nano. Think Secret also says that a video iPod may not be feasible because of a lack of current infrastructure to support it (no online video store, can't easily import DVD movies into the right format, etc.)

Power Mac and PowerBook systems are also expected to have updates, with DDR2 memory that will boost its performance, and faster PowerPC processors (PowerPC 970MP dual-core for a Power Mac G5 config, and a 7448 processor for the Powerbooks). Rumors also abound that Powerbooks will have higher resolution displays, with a pixels-increase of about 15% on the 15- and 17-inch models, and a move to an all-widescreen line-up by next year.


Now, this is not to say that Jobs still won't pull something completely unexpected. If not a video iPod, maybe an iPDA? An iTV? An iGAME? Maybe something even better than a video iPod? Or maybe there'll be a video iPod, but it'll be a version that'll BLOW OUR MINDS? Heck, anything's possible.

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