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DO U HOMEBREW? Of course you do, that's why Sony hates you. Enough rhyme. The new bootloader has come out for firmware 2.0 and it's got the goods. This version,0.7, has a lot of nice new features. You can now exit back to the loader if a program has an exit function. Most importantly, emulation is back. SNES and Game Gear (like you were just dying to play Game Gear) support is back in version 0.7. There's also a multitude of horrible homemade games out there that will also work with version 2.0, ya know, in case you get bored of GTA: LCS. Now that's not the only news however. Some idiot out there decided to make a fake PSP unbricker. Yes, it pretends to unbrick your PSP, but actually doesn't. It's just a renamed Winamp installer. Way to go loser.

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