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The Samsung SCH-V700 will be Korea only because people in the US don't get good phones. The screen rotates 90 degrees to become a little widescreen thing. But if that's not hot enough for you, you're in luck because this sucker packs TV-out. Yes, TV out so you can connect your phone to the TV to watch video. You get a handsome 200MB of onboard memory for storage, but we all know that's not enough for your pirated version of Finding Neverland, so they've included an RS MMC slot for expansion. A 2 megapixel camera is included for snapping pics and the phone comes in 4 fashionable colors: blue, pink, white, and silver. The Samsung SCH-V700 will cost approximately 600,000 KRW (Korean) which comes to around 560 USD. It's okay. We can always dream it will come to us one day.

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