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  • The LA Times profiles Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter, who's living large on the LA party scene for his gregarious digi-pic snapping. The article says he's packing something called a "Canon D20" but judging from the photos, we think the author meant to say the hipster is using a Canon EOS 20D. [LA Times (reg)]
  • Berkeley, CA startup H2Volt claims the search for a fuel cell battery that actually works is over...almost. The market for these things is enourmous—who wouldn't pay through the nose to have a laptop battery that lasts an entire plane ride?—so some of the bigger guys in the tech industry, including IBM, Motorola and NEC, are also working on their own super batteries.
    [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Arm the torpedo bays: it's open season on the Gizmondo. An AP writer is the latest to take a shot at the device, which is quickly becoming the Ishtar of the gadget world. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Donating old computers to third world nations seems like a noble cause, at least until you realize the equipment just ends up in third world nations' landfills instead of ours. [NY Times]
  • Danish engineers design a loudspeaker pillow that emits nature sounds to sooth soldiers' jangled nerves. If they can retrofit an iPod dock connecter onto the next version, I think they're ready for the mass market. [USA Today]