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Korea gets even more goods from Samsung today! The SPH-2300 DMB, which we talked about yesterday phone gets the satellite treatment with BIFS technology. BIFS, you ask? Who cares. It lets you interact with Spanish soap operas is all we know. You can enjoy the DMB on a QVGA screen with video-on-demand as well. Oh that's not all, it packs TV-out, so you might as well tell your Korean friends to ditch their DirecTV boxes. You get all the other expected goodies with this phone too. An MP3 player, Pictbridge for mobile printing, EV-DO for awesome speeds, IrDA, and a bag of popcorn for your viewing pleasure. Could you ask for anything more (aside from a US release)? The SPH-B2300 will be available in December for KTF subscribers in the Korean region.


Samsung introduces the SPH-B2300 DMB handset [SamsungHQ]