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Ok, this one is suspect, but I gotta' cover it anyway. Pantech and Curitel are claiming to have introduced a new cell phone that sends out far infrared rays with anti-baterial and deodirising properties. And to give it a little more backing, it seems to have gotten the coveted FI mark (Far Infrared mark) from the Korean Institute of application for Infrared products.

As opposed to regular infrared, far infrared rays are part sunlight and are believed to have the longest known wavelengthfar infrared is the longest wavelength component of sunlight [according to the gods at gadgetcorrections -JB]. They are also supposed to block bacterial growth in humans as well as help with blood circulation and skin cell revitalization.


So you see, buy this phone and you'll have better skin, less chance of getting a cold and maybe you'll smell less. Oh, it's also got an MP3 player and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Should sell for about $280.

A Deo or a phone? Pantech says it does both [phoneyworld]