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Behold the epitome of protection! MuffPod's new cases are designed to keep your iPod safe and out of harm's way, like the silky backside of an Emperor penguin. I personally have a cracked LCD on my mini but still continue to use it. If I had one of these puppies, my iPod might still be a fully functioning iPod today. The soft polar fleece interior is designed to keep your iPod warm while the exterior layers of tough foam are there to protect your iPod in case of a fall, scuffle, or altercation. Either way there's a case suited for your needs as the kind people at MuffPod have come out with different versions. The Cordura Mighty for 3G/4G iPods is made of durable Cordura fabric and resists tears and abrasions, while the Punching Mighty is made from punching bag material and will fit snugly around your iPod like a leathery condom. Protection comes at a price of $15 though, which is well worth it. Let's not do any muff jokes here, but they're available for anyone who might want to comment.

MuffPod debuts MightyMuff lineup [iLounge]