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The FCC has approved a plan by the feds to give all Katrina evacuees free cellphones with 300 minutes of talk time. Now I'm sure they're not handing out pink RAZRs to those in need so it's not an issue of logistics. So when did Katrina happen? Oh right, almost 2 months ago. I'm sure if someone needed a cellphone, they'd have it by now. What about people affected by more recent hurricanes like Wilma? There's trouble in paradise down in Floridia and I'm sure they could use those hot Cingular and Tracfone phones right about now. Anyway, enough kvetching. The offer is open to every household approved for housing assistance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to the FCC. Give 'em a call if you need something... oh. That's right. Just hit the web... oh. Poop.

Feds give out free phones to Katrina evacuees [Textually]