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Diligent fans of Food Network's Good Eats will recognize the ThermoWorks' Thermapen, as will regular viewers of America's Test Kitchen. It's clearly the instant-read thermometer of choice for a lot of people, and Rainy Day Magazine decided they needed to find out why. They found that the Thermapne's operating range is between -50 and 572 Fahrenheit, plus it comes with a Certificate of Calibration that states it's accurate down to 0.4 degrees Celcius. Starting with the premise that instant-read thermometers would be really helpful for cooking things to the right internal temperature to ensure the food is done, they decided to roast a chicken. After taking its temperature every few minutes, they managed to turn out an extremely juicy piece of poultry. The Thermapen turned out to truly be an "instant" read thermometer, gauging the temperature of the meat as soon as the probe hit center mass. Add that to the dead-simple operation and multi-angle probe, and it sounds like Rainy Day Magazine definitely took a liking to this temperature-taking wonder.

If you want to buy one of these things for yourself, each costs about $85.

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