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We've talked about tapeless camcorders before JVC Everio GZ-MC500 but this is the first close look we've had at the new JVC Everio MG50. Weighing only 380 grams (including the battery pack), the MG50 has 30GBs of storage space and can record 7 hours of video on its highest resolution setting. And again, that's with no replaceable media. It has an easy to use, point-and-shoot mentality, with the only available buttons on the body being record, zoom and power. Opening the LCD panel gives you access to the more intricate functions like the still/video mode switch, buttons for deletion, menu, light and info. Manual controls are also available to adjust for things like picture exposure, white balance, backlight compensation and shutter speed. And unlike the older MC series of camcorders, the MG50 uses an external battery so you don't have to go through the internal drive to replace it.
In terms of quality, the MG50 excels in low light situations, and has good color separation and accurate tonal qualities.


But best of all, you can compress raw video into a more manageable size and transfer it easily directly to a DVD. One warning: Battery life from a single charge lasts under 70 minutes, so best to get yourself some aftermarket batteries of a larger size for your more important shots.

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