You kids out there love to talk. And we love to hear it. Here is what you're talking about today.

Our blogosphere brother, Gawker, had a little tech question regarding tracking email. Joelja gave the full run down on how companies use packet inspecting devices called IDS's that can inspect the packets of data flowing in and out of the network. Commenter pete notes a free, encrypted webmail client, Hushmail that can possibly hide any of these risqu emails. Although this system isn t flawless, RustyB mentioned that some companies use screenshot capturing devices, and if they see something like hushmail even more questions could start flying. Read all of the jibber-jabber here.

Also today we learned about all of the outrageous items being offered in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, including a flying car, levitating sculpture, and a custom-made treehouse. Xenos calls BS on the flying car with a little history of the catalog and the odd items being offered, while artbot gives their expertise knowledge of flying cars and how this is also BS. Check it out here.

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