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The winner of the Sharp WideNote M4000 is down to four finalists. Their photos and stories after the jump. We're going to ask you, fair readers, to vote on the winner. But just for kicks—the poll will have little bearing on the final outcome. Why? Because we say so.

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I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that he loaned the laptop to his son for band practice, or tried to fix it himself....

Made a huge mistake!

I lent my son, who is 16 years old, my Sony Viao
Laptop to use at his Garage Band practice to do some
recording and mixing. I received a phone call and he
sounded very upset, I thought he got into a car
accident. But, no he set up the laptop near the
drummer and while practicing the drummer got a bit
carried away, as you might expect of teenagers, and
knocked the laptop off onto the garage floor.

Amazingly, it still worked but the housing was cracked
and the lid was broken of the hinges. OK, accidents
happen and since it was just the hinges and case I
figure I could repair it myself. Whoops!

I got the replacement parts, roughly $150.00 and began
trying to repair it. I was doing just a fine job until
the last when I tried connecting a small ribbon for
the keyboard to the motherboard and there lies the
problem now. I broke the itty bitty plastic lock on
the connecter on the motherboard.

So here it sits. Unusable. I keep it thinking maybe I
should send it for repair? But is it really worth the
money to repair?

So that s my story, and I really need a new laptop
that will never be lent to my son for band practice!


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Of all the Franken-PCs that were submitted, this Xbox portable monitor hack was the tops.

Here are some pics of my Toshiba 3480ct laptop. I have had this laptop since summer 2001; it was given to me as part of a college scholarship. The next winter is when everything went wrong. After a long night of studying with friends at a dorm across campus, I decide to head home. As soon as I make it to my room I put my laptop bag on the floor and jump in bed. Maybe five minutes later I decide to go use bathroom and when I come back I grab up my laptop to surf the net. I open it I see all these weird looking blobs on the screen that look like a pen exploded. I turn on my laptop only to see a huge crack down the middle. I immediately put the laptop back on the floor (great place for it, huh?) and went to sleep hoping that it was just a nightmare. When I woke up the next morning my worst fears were realized. The first thing I did was call up a few repair shops to get some estimates over the phone. I finally found one place that said they had used LCDs and could get me a good price on the repair. At the time the LCD new would have cost me 1100. I finally got an estimate of like $800 so I decided not to get it fixed and just look for a screen and do it myself. After a few months with no luck I eventually gave up decided to create a 3lb ultra portable desktop, and name thee The Ladtop (better than the commodore I had when I was 4 ).

As you can see from my extensive collection of peripherals this baby is a workhorse. We have the 100gb external hard drive (where else can I store my movies, music, CD images of every windows), the original battery (which gives this baby a hearty 15-30 minutes of battery life), battery pack (adds up 16x the battery life!), external PCMCIA powered CD drive, and the USB Wifi adapter. Other Optional accessories are this recently purchased 5-inch Xbox LCD, which can be connected, with a VGA to s-video/RCA adapter to provide fully portable experience.

600 mhz p3
192 mb sdram(expandable to 192 mb)
12 gb hard drive
1 usb port
Windows XP Pro


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When nature calls... disaster is on call waiting.


This was my 1ghz powerbook g4. I was living in a studio loft, I decided to watch a movie in bed. As my legs were succumbing to 3rd degree burns, nature called. I set my baby up on the ledge so I could hop up. As I stood up, my shoulder hit the corner, knocked it off, and it fell 15 ft. into the kitchen, hit the counter (that's when the LCD screen ripped off) bounced off, then hit the floor, the HD was ejected, and the glass (?) shattered. It was totaled in slow motion. Originally this cost me 3200$ (sob)


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And then there is Misstreated Missouri, who may not even be real but is far too hawt to ignore!

Dear Gizmodo,

So, me and the Compaq have been together for, like, six years now and to be honest, he's never satisfied me. First off, I don't want to sound superficial, but he's always been on the heavy side, and if I try to take him anywhere he just weighs me down and totally cramps my style. I have even caught my friends cracking jokes about his weight. He can't do anything right. If I ask him to burn me a CD or even just watch a movie with me he complains that he "wasn't built for that kinda thing." I really don't think he ever expects to leave the couch again. Honestly, he hasn't even kept up what he once had. He at least used to like, surf and play games with me, but now if I ask him to do more than one simple task at a time he just locks up, turns blue in the face, and sometimes, no lie, he'll even pass out. I swear, he just has like no energy these days. He lasts about two minutes before he shuts down and I have to move to an "alternate source." I shouldn't talk about his drive, but lets just say, when it comes down to it fellas, Size does matter. I'm just sooo sick of his lack luster performance. I mean, His memory sucks, He can't do anything without freaking out, He takes for ever to get ready, and I thought girls were bad! I've been shoppin' around for a good looking model or at least someone who could leave the house with me. I just don't know what's wrong with me. I'm a cute intelligent girl studying to be an architect, and I just don't think he is there to support me. Do I deserve better?

Please help!
Misstreated Missouri

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