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A motion simulator loveseat may sound like something out of a porno flick, but the D-BOX Quest Loveseat motion simulator is meant for an immersive home theater experience. Each loveseat has a 2-axis motion simulator system that's synchronized with onscreen action and sound. D-BOX actually encodes movies into their proprietary F/X motion codes that they can then download into the system. Recent examples include The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alexander, and The Ring (Two). The idea is that viewers can then be physically immersed in the movie, ala that Back To The Future ride at Universal. The seating can be controlled with a Kinetron controller, or with a "Motion Controller Interface" and some PC software. There's also an Internet subscription service that allows users to access the D-BOX F/X Motion Code library, so that they can download the codes for the movie of their choice. All this may sound terribly exciting, but I don't know about having all of this motion simulation in my living room — imagine the flying popcorn! Plus I don't think snuggling up with your honey on a motion simulation loveseat is that great of an idea, unless there's some nookie involved. In which case, I'm all for it.

Not that it matters since I can't afford this anyway: Each Quest Series 100 Integrated Motion Simulation Loveseat starts at $8300 for one covered in NuSuede, to about $10,700 for one in leather. You also have to cough up some extra cash for the PC-based controller and software for $1,000, while the Kinetron Controller with built-in 40GB hard drive is $3,200. As for the subscription renewal fee, that's about $250-$500 a year. That's well over $10,000 just to get the basic stuff, and even more for the high-end equipment. I think I'll just stick to my boring ol motionless couch.


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