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Think back on all the game consoles you've played that didn't come from the majors. I'm not disparaging things like the N-Gage or maybe the Simsong Electronics Game and Shoot you bought to $9.99 at Odd Lots. Maybe you even loved the Tapwave Zodiac. Well, we recently got an email from an insane British man that made me think about the rule of three. In any industry, you have three major players, a satellite of minor players, and a horde of hangers-on. Sometimes the hangers on make great product - Sonos, for example, which is making a name for itself in the wireless media space, or TiVo which is still fighting valiantly against the big three onslaught. So I'm asking myself, given Gizmondo's penchant for being run by Swedish mafiosi and the extremely obvious wife-hiring going on at the company, will Gizmondo make it? I put it to you, my dear friendlings, to comment.


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