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Well, if you can't get a Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudi or Ieoh Ming Pei, you may as well get that local Aussi architect to build you a highrise that looks like a telephone. And plunk it in the middle of Melbourne too. Why not? Obviously, Milliionaire "Crazy" John Ilhan, an Australian communications magnate has no problem with this plan and has unveiled a design for a $40 million tower in, yes, the shape of a cellphone. Comparing his building to the Sydney Opera House, Ilhan says, "I just want Melbourne to stand out โ€” that's the idea behind it." Yup, we got it Mr. Crazy. As of now, there is permission granted to build a standard-shaped tower on City Road, Southbank, but no word on whether the city will allow a 120m phone to hulk over the city. Finalised plans for the tower will be submitted for approval late next year. Can't wait to see how that goes.

Imposing: An artist's image of the $40 million tower in the shape of a phone">Crazy idea! The high-rise mobile
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