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Yup, it's official. A new study has found that Americans now spend more time using media than actually sleeping each day. A team of researchers from Ball State University in Indiana have released a report that says that we spend nine hours a day watching TV, using the web or talking on a cellphone. And even better, three of those hours are used doing at least two things at once. TV still comes in first in our media saturated day, but a close second was anything we do on our computers or laptops. Taken from a different angle, however, it looks like the phone was the media that actually reached the most people, at 94.6% daily. Hey, at least that means we're actually talking to someone. I think that's a plus. Oh, and here's the good word for us in the Internet business—spending on internet advertising is projected to increase in 2006 by anywhere from 12 to 27%, according to US media analysts. You hear that Gawker? Good Times.

TVs and PCs 'take over US homes' [BBC News]