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So the other weekend I was hiking up this huge mountain in my backyard when I saw a bear. I got totally scared and turned to run but tripped over a log and started tumbling down. After falling about 400 feet, I landed on a patch of thorns next to the edge of a cliff. I was in pretty bad shape so I snorted some coke to keep me awake. While I was awake for the next 3 days, I realized I had my McMurdo Fastfind Plus with me! I quickly started hitting all the buttons which alerted International Aircraft Emergency Frequency of 121.5 MHz providing a homing signal for the Search And Rescue (SAR) services. It does it all via GPS and Satellite and should only be used in real emergencys, like mine, or else you get your ass fined $250,000. It pinpointed my exact location, the rescue crew found me, and my $550 had not gone to waste after all. I reminded myself what a great tool it must be for hikers, scuba divers, mountain climbers, and extremely wealthy outdoorsmen.

McMurdo Fastfind Plus [Cool Tools]