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The Sharp Laptop Contest Finalist Smackdown is getting beautifully ugly. Misstreated (that's her desktop up above, and there is another photo after the jump) is madder than a Missouri Tiger. Garage Band Destruction sent a photo of the drummer boy en flagrante. PowerBook Pee-Pee says he's no Richie Rich, but an in-debt student. And the Xbox Franken-PC guy is offering to pose in swimwear just to compete with Misstreated—at least I think that's what he's talking about. New photos, and updates from the finalists themselves, after the jump.

He's dead last in the polls, which only makes Powerbook Pee-Pee guy angrier. He says the busted Book is now an objet d'art at a friend's house and he promises to file an updated photo sometime today. Meantime, he wants everyone to know just how much he deserves that WideNote M4000:

I was living in a 375 sq. ft. loft (not the fancy New York-y kind) and I had worked as a waiter full time just to afford half of that computer (the other half went on credit). I am a student, and I am currently writing this from the computer lab.

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At first I though someone had sent in a gag photo of Peter Rojas just to yank us. But it turns out that this is the drummer dude who played the solo from Moby Dick on Garage Band's laptop, which you can see there on the floor in this re-enactment. Here's his razor-tongued plea:

It s a difficult competition and the odds are probably
against me! A beautiful blonde, a college student on a
scholarship and some poor guy who just wanted to watch
a movie.

First of all my dumbass son who took the laptop to
band practice, was also going to take it to college
next year and doesn t have a scholarship , Hopefully
with a college education he can meet a beautiful
pouty gal and watch as many videos as he likes
with her on his big screen TV.

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Oh Misstreated, you are too good to be true. She adamantly claims that her geeky boyfriend is not using her as "babe-bate" to win the prize (she even sent a photo of him with his working laptop in hand). And you gotta love this new pic, complete with the LOTR and Star Wars Trilogy box sets on the shelf. Here is Misstreated's pitch for moving from second place to first

I'm Real ya jerks! This is really me, sitting infront of my P.O.S. Laptop plugged to both the wall and internet because my bat. wont hold a charge and I dont have wireless.

Everyone knows the old saying, dont judge a notebook by its cover. It may look alright on the outside but the inside is about as useful as a lego Shuffle case.

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Mr. Franken-PC is going to try snapping some better photos of his mad scientific concoction today from his glamorous place of employment, Best Buy. Meantime, the pic above will have to suffice. Along with this update:

Hey guys its me, the owner of the franken pc. I appreciate all the support I have gotten from you guys. I wasnt really going for the sympothy that I got from my story but I will take it. I just figured that my story was kinda funny so I entered it. I have been asked for so more pics(higher res) but all I have is a camera phone. I can however take it to my job at best buy take a pic there.

All gizmodo has to do is say there word and I am in there like swimwear. . . snapping away, with the most thousand dollar camera they have(Most thousand dollar isnt a real phrase but hey i am studying engineering not english).

There you have it. The polls are still open (even though they will not necessarily determine the winner). If you want to comment, just send a tips mail.

The winner will be announced on Monday.