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  • Text messaging is now the communiqu of choice for coaches looking to recruit star athletes into collegiate athletic programs. While the NCAA has rules limiting contact with prospective jocks via telephone, those rules don't apply to text messaging and e-mail. [LA Times (reg)]
  • Sony reports another sobering financial quarter. While Bravia LCD TVs are looking sharp and selling well, they're not making the company any more profitable. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • Princeton University begins to offer vodcasts of some of its lectures and panels, just in case you're tired of watching the same episode of Desperate Housewives on your iPod and are in the mood for some discourse on U.S. Nuclear Policy and Disarmament.
    [Daily Princetonian]
  • Now that Google reigns supreme on the home computer, technology firms of all sizes are focusing on claiming a chunk of the burgeoning cellphone search market, an area full of potential customers ripe for financial exploitation. [Seattle Times]