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The Generation NEX is the latest attempt at vintage money-making coming from Messiah Entertainment. It's a console that supports NES games along with Japanese Famicon games. Unfortunately, it sucks. Big time. The biggest problem with this console is game support. Many of the old-school NES games that we cherish get garbled by the less than mediocre hardware running this thing. It does support 2.4GHz wireless, but what the hell is that going to do for you when gaming sucks. In response to the game issues they have released a compatibility list on their site, and that isn t even accurate. This console goes for $59 and is pre-order only. If you really need to get our old-skool fix, take the $60, buy your sig. other a mushroom head, and make her pretend she is the princess needing to be saved.

Generation NEX Verdict: SUX [Kotaku]