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Today's DAP Headlines:

Swissbit releases a crazy pocket-knife/audio player, Venturer blesses Europeans with an uber-cheap 40gb player, we buy a "portable" record player,and Cowon updates the A2's firmware.

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Mp3 players these days are trying to do everything besides buttering out toast. It may not butter out toast, but the swissbit knife audio player does plenty of things not associated with an mp3 player. It is called the s.beat and packs a blade, scissors, nail filer, and screwdriver. Add that together with Mp3, WMA, Ogg support, FM tuner, and a remote controller, and you certainly have a player packed with features. It is also 74 x 22 x 24mm (nice and compact) and comes in 1 and 2gb versions. A 4gb version is supposed to come out eventually.

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Ok, the Entempo Spirit 20 and the Rubato were not the best players in the world. They were ugly, huge, and lacked a lot of features, but they did provide a lot of memory for a very nice price. Venturer
aims to do the same for Europeans with their 40gb player that measures a colossal 122 x 90 x 30mm. Basic specs include MP3/WMA/WMA-DRM support, voice recorder, and a blue back-lit LCD display. It costs a very nice 99 UKP or 145 Euro or 175 USD.

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Most people now probably don't even remember CD players much less record players, but we haven't forgotten them and have even purchased a new player. Our Numark "portable" record player is only "slightly" bigger than a 12 inch record and runs on 6 D batteries. Ok, so its not really portable and even wastes a lot of batteries, but what does it have over 99.9% of mp3 players? Gapless playback. Who needs the Rio Karma when you have this thing?

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Cowon's first PMP, the A2, has been getting some pretty good reviews, but, alas, it is not perfect. Cowon has just released version 1.38. It is beta so install it at your own risk.


- JPEG load time improved - JPEGs up to 6.5 megs supported - EBSi audio/image bug fix - Change subtitle colors - Long subtitles being cut off fixed - Option to hide video recording time OSD - Acceleration of video seeking improved - Continuously record up to 1.8 gigs of video and audio - Additional languages: Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified - Simultaneously view photos and listen to radio - Other bug fixes

That's the news for today, see ya next time!