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  • Add HP to the list of manufacturers working on a practical form of e-paper. Trees shouldn't be breathing sighs of relief yet: the technology's not quite ready for prime time. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Stanford braniacs laugh at current consumer GPS devices' measly 5-10 meter margins of error. Their goal? A navigation system accurate enough to pinpoint objects within a centimeter of each other. [Seatte Times]
  • As always, search titans Yahoo! and Google have been busy. Both make the news today with wireless services; Yahoo! plans to release a cellphone, made by Nokia, through SBC Communications. Meanwhile, the Goog introduced its cellphone map app which out of the gate is compatible with over 100 types of phones on the major carriers' networks. [Wall St. Journal (reg)] [USA Today]
  • The Boston Globe has some personal tech news nuggets for you. First up is Kodak's Mobile Service Postcard Application, which for 2 bucks, remotely prints out a 4x6 glossy of your mobile phone digipic and snail mails it to family n' friends. The paper also mentions biometric cellphone lockers for students enrolled in schools that ban phones in the classroom, plus the Soldius1 solar charger for powering up your juice-thirsty mobile devices. [Boston Globe]