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The SmartSlab is being described as the world's toughest digital video display for walls, floors, billboards and buildings. Each slab is designed in a honeycomb structure that was inspired by the optics of a fly's eye. Instead of using standard pixels it uses hexels (hexagonal pixels) that provide an 18% better resolution than just the standard pixel. This display is suitable for any position in any environment; it is capable of holding a ton of weight, it is water, fire and vandalism resistant and doesn't power down an entire energy grid when powered up. This bitch is bright too, the standard luminance is 1,000 Cd/m2 and a high brightness model is available at 5,000 Cd/m2. This slab can also be used as a speaker, providing a 3D immersive "Hightened Reality" sound system. So, this is a pretty display that will sell me products, and get me high at the same time. Where do I sign up?

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