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Are you a geek with a cubicle who needs a little something to keep your mind off work since you've been coding in C# for the past six-hours? Of course you are, and you demand your toys be open-source like your code. That's why the TileToy is here. TileToy is an open-source game consisting of blocks with LEDs embedded inside of them. What makes it open source? The code, for one thing. And you pretty much have to make the game up too. From the press release:

"The re-programmable and constantly updated graphical information on each tile is displayed with a LED matrix system. The screen displaying the information is an endlessly versatile surface for updated visual communication"

People who are big on mathematics could have a fun time arranging random equations with these, or using the LEDs to create greek symbols and then spell things that the Man can't possibly decipher. The possibilities are endless. No word yet on how much it will cost or when it will be widely available.

Product Page [via Boing Boing]